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José Saramago, Portuguese Nobel Laureate in Literature

You are dreaming of owning a property in the South of Portugal - be it for temporary use or on a permanent basis?

I am happy to support you in your search of not only a house but a HOME that will accommodate all your individual lifestyle needs and personal interests in this fascinating part of Portugal! 

From my own experience I know how demanding the search for THE property of your dreams in the right surroundings can be - in terms of time-effort and language. Also, local contacts as well as profound market knowledge are essential in order to quickly spot and take advantage of opportunities.

Whether property search and selection, contract negotiation or support after the purchase -

as your Property & Lifestyle Concierge, I am continuously at your side and will represent you as a buyer´s agent from start to finish!

Contact me for us to discuss!

Your Property & Lifestyle Concierge 

My special service for you: the pure brokerage part of finding a property is one element of the task that I conduct on your behalf. The service provided by me goes above and beyond and integrates your personal Lifestyle criteria into the property search.

My insider knowledge allows me to accommodate all the lifestyle aspects that are important to you personally and that contribute to a happy life - from leisure activities and hobbies, access to schools, cultural institutions and much more – all these very personal criteria make part of my Property & Lifestyle Concierge Service tailored individually to your needs. 

With 20 years of experience in the Algarve, I know this region very well and have gained deep insights into the Algarve Lifestyle. In addition, I have a profound knowledge of the local real-estate market. You will benefit from my personal as well as my professional network - of renowned partners such as architects, lawyers or craftsmen.

How we will proceed: we will jointly put together a list of all the criteria - both in terms of the property itself as well as your individual lifestyle criteria that are essential for you - and all these elements will be the basis of my property search. Please note that neither do I act as a real-estate agent nor do I provide tax or legal advice of any kind!


Here is how I will support you:

  • Preparation of your personal list of wishes and priorities

  • Search and initial selection of potential properties based on your property, location & lifestyle requirements

  • Insider insights from 20 years of Algarve experience on all the topics that make life here particularly worth living for you

  • Planning and execution of scouting trips and property visits, in alignment with local real-estate agents or sellers

  • Communication as well as negotiation with real-estate agents or sellers until the purchase agreement is finalised

  • Contact to local lawyers for advice as well as for the purchase process itself

  • Contact to experienced local craftsmen or architects, should your new home require some finishing touches

  • Recommendation of Portuguese language teachers

Silke Hahn

About Me

I would like to introduce myself:

my name is Silke Hahn. Born in 1969, I live in Frankfurt (Germany) and Lagoa (Portugal) -

after several longer stays in Great Britain, France and Belgium.


Professionally, for almost 30 years I have successfully advised and managed relationships with large

corporate clients in a global financial services company. The negotiation of contracts has been part of my everyday professional life for many years; especially the strong orientation towards the needs of the client distinguishes me.


And what can I say: I love Portugal - it is the country where I have spent a lot of time in the last few years. For some time now, my second home has been the small county town of Lagoa in the Algarve.

Here, my family and I own a townhouse in the historic town center, and this is where I have opened my local office in Portugal. I am deeply immersed in the local lifestyle and have gathered detailed insights about all that the Algarve has to offer. And I am always on the look-out for new tips and lifestyle recommendations!

Besides my mother tongue German I speak fluent English, French and Portuguese.

Contact me for an initial consultation and learn more about how I can tailor my services specifically to your needs.

Possible Search Criteria


Together we put together a list of all the criteria that are important to you - and these go far beyond the desired characteristics of the property. Your personal lifestyle preferences are the basis of my property search on your behalf. Criteria include:


Location -

Close to the coast and beaches? Or in the Algarve hinterland?

Round Maze_edited_edited_edited.png

Type of Property -
number of bedrooms, size, pool, equipment etc. Are you looking for a modern-style or a rustic property?

Infrastructure -
your personal criteria, e.g. access to shops, doctors, restaurants etc. Do you need a school for your children close by? 


Geometric Shape_edited.png

Your Budget -
which purchase price should not be exceeded?

My Fee Structure

My fee structure reflects the three stages in the purchase process of a house or apartment - from the search and selection to viewings, scouting trips and finally to the conclusion of the purchase negotiations of the property on your behalf.

Do the listed service elements not yet fully reflect your requirements? Then let us discuss how I can customize them to meet your individual needs!

Property Search:

My service packages are customisable depending on your individual needs and requirements:

If you already know the Algarve and have already made up your mind which kind of property would make you happy but do not want to invest time to continuously search for properties on the internet and liaise with real-estate agents, then the "Basic"-Package* will be the service of choice:

  • Continuous daily search based on your individual criteria

  • Ongoing daily liaison with local real-estate agents and other relevant contacts in Algarve

  • Continuous sharing of relevant real-estate offers in the original language (mostly in Portuguese or English) with you

  • Exchange and alignment on the submitted offers and definition of next steps

"Basic"-package flat rate: EUR to be agreed*.

If you do not know the Algarve very well as yet and would like to receive insider information on all lifestyle and infrastructure highlights that make the Algarve the perfect spot for you personally, then the "Plus"-Package* will be the service of choice:

  • Continuous daily search based on your individual criteria (property & lifestyle)

  • Ongoing daily liaison with local real-estate agents and other relevant contacts in Algarve

  • Additionally: Translation of up to 5 property exposés/month from Portuguese into German/English

  • Additionally: Enrichment of property exposés with your details, e.g. on the location (traffic connection, special highlights the area has to offer, infrastructure) as well as those details that form part your individual lifestyle criteria

  • Additionally: Sharing of property videos

  • Exchange and alignment on the submitted offers and definition of next steps


"Plus" package flat rate: EUR to be agreed*

*Minimum research period: 1 month

property search

On-site visits

Individual visits: If you would like me to visit the property on your behalf, but you cannot or do not want to be there, no problem: I will visit the property on your behalf and will share my impression of the property, its surroundings - considerung your individual lifestyle and infrastructure criteria - in a detailed conversation afterwards.

Cost per visit: EUR 100*.


Individual on-site programme: If you would like to visit the property personally, I will take care of the individual planning and execution of the on-site visits in alignment with the local real-estate agents or the seller of the property.

During these joint highly individualized visits, you will not only get to know the properties that are of interest to you, but I will also provide you with insights into the respective area, taking into account the lifestyle and infrastructure criteria that are important to you, e.g. restaurants, bars and cafés in the neighbourhood, access to schools, leisure activities etc.

Cost per visit: EUR 150*.

Scouting Trips: on request, I will be happy to accompany you on your scouting trip to the Algarve! I will put together an individual schedule for you, sharing my insider insights and "must-sees" for you to get a better impression of the various regions and to be able to take a well-informed decision when it comes to choosing the desired location.

Price on request.

* if applicable, additional travel expenses for me may be added (e.g. flight in economy class and/or airport transfer).

The costs incurred for your own journey and if necessary accommodation are not included.


Contract Negotiation and Closing of the Purchase

If one of the viewed properties appeals to you to buy, the detailed exchange and negotiations with the local contacts (real-estate agent and/or seller) come next. As the buyer´s agent will act solely on your behalf and will always represent your interest as a buyer:

  • In continuous coordination with you, I manage the entire communication and negotiation process with the local agents/sellers until the conclusion of the promissory purchase contract ("contrato de promessa de compra e venda"). It is my aim to reach the best deal for you in terms of the purchase price.

  • Any questions regarding the property, the surroundings etc are in the best hands with me.

  • If you wish, I will provide you with the contact to local lawyers/notaries

Has an agreement finally been reached through my mediation, are you happy and ready to go ahead and the promissory contract is ready to be signed? In this case, I will charge a commission to be agreed on an individual basis. Important for you to know: in Portugal normally the real-estate commission is paid on behalf of the seller of the property, i.e. in case an agreement has been reached, you as the buyer will NOT pay a commission to the real-estate agent but only to me.

Minimum term 1 month, notice period 4 weeks to the end of the month

contract signing


Silke Hahn

+49 (0) 177 480 3074

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Rheinlandstrasse 25, 60529 Frankfurt, Germany
fon: +49 (0) 177 480 3074
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authorised to represent: Silke Hahn
place of jurisdiction: Frankfurt/Main

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